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PTFE high-heat film tape
  • PTFE high-heat film tape

  • Item no. : TY-1607
  • Color: : Gray
  • Size: : 10M
  • Thickness: : 0.08MM
  • Weight: : 20MM
  • Packing: : 1 Roll/box
PTFE high-heat film tape used in packing industry, for insulation of wire or cable , heat resistance property

Product description

We use the Teflon pulverous machining mould press materials ,

shall press materials carry through sinter shaped  skive ,ball 

of wax accomplish on high-grade purification room ,we adopt 

special fine and high precision of technology to skive and get 

the high quality of Teflon film , treatment after a special 

surface and then coating adhesive as the base of silicone tape .


1.---It is able to work stably between -60oC to 260oC.

2. Excellent non-sticky property Heat resistance property---It easier to remove those resins, dopes, oil

   and other sticky things.

3. Good mechanical property with no distortion and low friction coefficient.

4. Excellent Insulation property.

5. Easier and more convenient for use.


1. The tapes could easily clings to the hot rollers for protecting form acid,

   alkali, and stains, etc.

2. PTFE tapes are used in packing industry, for insulation of wire or cable    

3. Also being used in plastic model and wrapping of cable.

4. PTFE tape used in the funnel and slide rail, hot meet

5. Being used in sealing of the hot plastic parts             

6.Engineering coating, drying engineering roller coating

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